4 Reasons You Might Rent A Forklift

325664873 forklift

If you work in an industrial sector, it may well be that you’ll find yourself in need a forklift now and then. For some businesses, that might necessitate buying the needed forklift(s). But there are other situations in which it might be better to simply rent that equipment. Here is a brief guide from your team at Hi-Lo Industrial Truck Company on what situations might benefit from forklift rentals.

  1. You need one on short-notice

Maybe you’ve experienced a peak in business, or suffered a break down in a forklift you do own, but if you find yourself in a position that demands a forklift, and don’t have time to be shopping around or waiting on a delivery, a rental is a great option that you can have right when you need it.

  1. You want the latest equipment

If you use forklifts only occasionally, a huge advantage of renting is that you’ll be able to rent more up-to-date equipment, including the latest features for both efficiency and safety.

  1. You have a controlled budget

Buying equipment like forklifts is expensive on its own, but things like unexpected failures and ensuing maintenance costs can really blow your budget. Fortunately, when you rent, your maintenance costs are covered by the dealership!

  1. Saving capital

Renting often comes with “Rental Purchase Options” that help to manage the huge upfront cost of purchasing equipment, allowing you to plan and pay for it more easily.

Here at Hi-Lo Industrial, we have what you need when you need it, and we can get you affordable rental plans for forklifts in your timeframe. Contact us today to get started!

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