Safety Tips for Operating a Forklift


Assistance in the Warehouse

Forklifts are very useful machines for transporting objects, especially heavy ones. While they are very handy, it’s important that the person operating the forklift follow some safety tips.

Be Qualified

If you have never operated a forklift, or been trained prior, don’t attempted to operate one. You should be qualified to operate a forklift to avoid accidents.

Never Overload

Forklifts generally have a load capacity, and for good reason. Don’t exceed the weight limit, otherwise, the rear tires can lift off the ground, and the forklift can tip over.

Don’t Speed

Although forklifts are powerful, they should be operated at a controlled speed. Never exceed the speed limit and slow down when making turn to avoid tipping over.

Following these safety tips can help prevent accidents while utilizing a forklift to its best ability. If you are interested in purchasing a forklift, pay a visit to Hi Lo Industrial Trucks Co.

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